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What is Kangen Water?
The word Kangen means ‘return to origin’ in Japanese.  It describes water that has been ‘returned’ to the state in which it was often found in nature and also implies that it will help return your body to how it was when you were young.

In order to be called Kangen Water it must contain several properties;

Through the process of ionisation (electrolysis), the PH of the tap water is raised.  Alkaline water assists the body in moving from an acidic state to a more alkalised state and it is widely accepted that diseases cannot occur and flourish in an alkalised state.  Conversely, disease thrives in an acidic body.

Kangen water has a high negative oxidation-reduction-potential (ORP).  This means that it has potent antioxidant properties.  The ionisation process creates an abundance of negative hydroxyl ions which are able to donate extra electrons to free radicals thereby neutralising their ability to damage our cells.

Micro clustering
Through the ionisation process, the original water clusters are restructured into smaller clusters.  These small clusters allow deeper penetration at a cellular level, greatly increasing the body’s ability to carry nutrients deep into our cells and also to flush out toxins.

Therapy using both Kangen and acidic water for both external and internal use has been recognised as a valid medical treatment in Japan since the 1960s.  Enagic’s water ionizers are the only systems permitted in Japanese hospitals and the SD501, designed for home use, has been recognised by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare as a medical treatment device.

In addition, a group of more than 600 Japanese physicians who are members of the Geriatric Disease Prevention Association, have recognised and endorsed Enagic’s ionisers for  their quality, safety and efficacy in the role of lifestyle disease prevention. Enagic is the only  company to receive such an award in this category.

The following is a list of EU countries open for distribution of Enagic’s systems. It is possible to supply other countries - please ask for further details.

· Austria   · Belgium   · Czech Republic   · Cyprus   · Denmark   · Estonia   · Finland   · France   · Germany   · Greece   · Hungary   · Ireland    · Italy
· Latvia   · Lithuania   · Luxembourg   · Malta   · Netherlands   · Poland   · Portugal   · Slovakia   · Slovenia   · Spain   · Sweden   · UK    
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We are distributors based in London and would be happy to help anyone interested in learning more about Kangen water or becoming a distributor either here in the UK or in Europe.  

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Kangen Water ™
Kangen water is a trademarked name owned by Enagic, a Japanese manufacturer of high quality water ionizers.  Kangen water is created only by Enagic’s systems and their flagship model – the SD501-  is now available in the UK and Europe.

The SD501 is a small countertop unit which attaches to your kitchen tap.  Through a filtration and ionisation process, the system creates 3 different PH levels of drinking water in addition to 4 other waters which can be used for various purposes including cooking, cleaning and beauty.
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